Keeping The Dream Alive

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello, I'm a thief, nice to meet you!

When I was a sophomore in High School I stole a couple of books from the library. Well, first I stole a CD from my parents, and then I stole the books. Its terrible, I'm aware! Sadly, for my parents it wasn't the first or the last CD I stole from them- Hall&Oats, Abandoned Luncheonette. Sorry mom!

Growing up in Jersey in the 90s, my options for music were pretty limited. Ace of Base, Bon Jovi, or Bush? So, I found refuge in The Beatles. I fell in love with the Abbey Road album and became obsessed with the late 60s & early 70s. I turned all my jeans into bell-bottoms with moms' old Singer and tried to get my friends to call me Yoko. (Lame, I it didn't work)

I dreamt of growing up and living like a gypsy- traveling, being involved with things that added value, surrounding myself with good music, interesting art, and dear friends. And that, is just what I'm doing!

Well, sort of..........
15 yrs and 5 cross-country moves later I still own (and cherish) said stolen goods. I may still be a work in progress, but I'm keeping the dream alive.......and that counts for something right?


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