Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is my little sister Mary.

And she's .........pretty cool!
She is smart, funny, incredibly kind, insanely beautiful, very driven and successful........the list goes on and on. She just came to Atlanta for a girls weekend, and I thought that it might be fun to dig through her suitcase and see what hip 20 something, pre-baby girls are wearing these days.

She arrives, hooray! Traveling attire: skinny jeans, v-neck tee, a long cardi, flats, and a scarf.

Baggage: a suprisingly large suitcase for a weekender and a great cross body Coach bag. Contents: various nursing literature (the girl never stops!), iPod, iPhone, Marc sunnies, Tory wallet, a million lip glosses, pretty eyeshadow duo, and a handful of hair accessories.

Mary's new obsession in the accessories category, fabric and embellished hairbands. So fun!

Chunky cuffs, gold bangles, and a rose gold Michael Kors Runway Watch. (I'm totally jealous of the watch, it's pretty gorgeous!)

Pretty earrings, all shapes and sizes.

Obviously loves the long and layered look when it comes to necklaces.

Daytime option: cute denim pleated shorts, flowy romantic top, and some woven sandals.

Other daytime options: stripes!!!! skinnies, color block tee, long cardi and flats. Pleated shorts, washed silk tee, and gladiator espadrilles.

Nighttime option: flared jeans, doleman long sleeve, ombre scarf, and nude patent platforms.

Other nighttime options: dark denim skinnies with silk asymmetrical top. Grey super skinnies, cotton tank with peplum, and super cute Tory clutch with chain strap.

Workout gear: soft and sustainable tee, Nike shorts, and sneaks.

Amy and me: the big sisters. (Technically I am the oldest, for the record....Amy, ha.) I got lucky when I moved back to Atlanta! My sister was here, yay. We hang at least once a week at the insistence of Carson.....she loves her Mamy!!!

Amy and Mary: the blondies. Check out Amy's new JCrew necklaces layered on Mary, we were obsessed with them all night!

Due to the fact that the three of us rarely get to be together, and that we have a lot of fun when we do, we were basically a love fest all weekend. So, for the people that noticed us hugging on each other and asked, we would reply proudly:
"We are sisters."

When further explanation was needed:
"When we were both five my dad married her mom, and together they made Mary."

Common response:

We miss you Mary!


mary said...

this is ....pretty cool! I love it!! I had such a wonderful time visiting and can't wait to come again! miss you guys!

Lisa said...

Geez, that's quite an intimidating weekender collective! Now I'm going to feel a lot of pressure when I come visit on the off chance that you're curious what post-babies, almost 40 somethings are wearing these days:). Somehow I don't think my suitcase contents will make Let It Be. Oh well, C'est la vie;). Xoxo

stephanie duncan said...

oh please.....i know what your closet looks like! you have the ultimate wardrobe, for any age!!! if i lived closer i would be poking around in there with my camera for sure. your handbag collection alone is swoon worthy!!

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