Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I thought that since I have been posting for over a month now, it was time to introduce my family. Cuyler, Carson, Macey, and Maddy. My loves. My happiness.

When the storms rolled in to Atlanta last week, the night time temperatures dropped and we were forced to postpone our much anticipated camping trip. We have been talking about camping since we moved back, so it was a disappointing realization.

At the last minute Cuyler booked a cabin, we packed the car in a hurry, and headed up Thursday night for a long weekend in the mountains. It was amazing!

Life is good! There is a lot to be thankful for! While there is plenty to want and even more to work on, when you escape into the woods and simplify life for a few days, most of that fades away. No distractions, no responsibilities, just time together, time to appreciate all that we have.

Activities included: eating, drinking, smiling, laughing, hiking, playing, swimming, singing, reading, watching, thinking, remembering, talking, listening, sleeping, dreaming.


Tine said...

You have a beautiful family with amazing hats! ;-)

Ashley said...

Looks like an insane cabin!! Worth going back to with a crew of adults??? Fantastic scenery!!

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