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Friday, April 22, 2011

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I'm Planning a Party!

A Cinco de Mayo party to be exact. I love opening up the house and having friends and family over, it is one of my favorite things to do! But......everyone know it takes a lot of work and a lot of planning to throw a great event!

We have thrown some unforgetable parties in the past, we love hosting! Huge Halloween parties in Denver, Cinco de Mayo and an 80's Christmas party in Atlanta. They are often eventful and always memorable! Since moving back in September we have had friends over for regular dinner parties and small get-togethers, but it is time for a REAL party!


The Decorating:
The screenporch and the open field provide endless possibilities. I have been collecting tons of inspiration photos and have been scheming for months. It won't be quiet as glamorous as the above images, but I have rented long tables and chairs and ordered yards of colorful oilcloth. I have been saving cans to use as votives and jars to paint and use for vases. I will make loads of paper flowers and poms and will use white lights from Christmas. I ordered some of those lovely paper flags and am planning to use paper doilies to create runners for the tables. I ordered maracas and dozens of confetti eggs, and pinatas for the children. Lastly, I will be cooking up some of the famous Lawless hot sauce and jarring it to give to our guests.

The Menu:
I love to cook! I always cook for my parties, which is a lot to take on, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Cinco de Mayo means that I get to make some Mexican food. The expectations can be high, since we are from Texas, but luckily I have some great recipes. Cuyler's family is from El Paso, so I was given the go-to cookbook for Mexican food a long time ago. Even better then that I have had the pleasure of enjoying many a meal with his family, cooked by his mother, grandmother, etc. I have a great menu planned!

Chips, hot sauce, a special guacamole with feta and lots of cilantro (thanks kati), queso, stuffed peppers, both chicken and brisket sal picon, beans, potatoes of some sort, and a jicama salad. The desert is to be determined. A little work to do next week, but I will figure it out.

I will be posting something this week to show my progress, since that is what I will surely be spending all my time on. Then, I will hopefully have the time to take lots of great photos of the party next Saturday. What fun!

My sweet little Carson has been looking forward to the Easter Bunny visiting. I can't wait to see her hunt eggs! Hope you guys have a great Easter weekend!


The Perfect Pear said...

woah woah woah! all of these things are fabulous! i love everything, including this post! :) im lauren by the way, its very nice to meet you!

Beth said...

I have a great margarita recipe if you need it (works great for parties if you have one of those big glass beverage dispensers and a juicer, you will need lots and lots of fresh lime juice). Have fun!

stephanie duncan said...

Beth....guess I better tell cuyler not to bring home a bag of key limes then!

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