Gone To The Beach

Friday, May 20, 2011



So we are off to the beach, hooray!

In celebration of family and a long awaited retirement we are headed to the Florida coast for some fun in the sun. The vacation is super casual and centered around the kids so nothing fancy is getting packed.

I took a bunch of photos as I was throwing our stuff in bags.....thought it would be fun to see the big and little packing combo.

Mom's Must Haves Include:
  • Lots of linen, cotton gauze, and jersey in loose and relaxed fits.
  • Tons of skirts, dresses, and tent tops, for lazing about in the heat.
  • Billowy coverups to disguise and camouflage, especially needed while lying next to super hot sister in law.
  • Scarves, large hats, and bottles of sunscreens of course!
  • No heels! But a few great necklaces, in case we go out.
  • Magazines, blogging books (lame I know), and a beach read (An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin. Finally!)
  • My camera

Carson's Must Haves Include:
  • Super cute bikinis and her panda to keep her afloat.
  • Bright Beautiful colored everything in soft cotton jersey to play hard in.
  • Beach hat and summer shoes, because she has been dying to wear them for months.
  • Minature die-dye scarf, because mom is obsessed with how adorable it is!
  • More toys and books then any kid should travel with.
  • Kidco Tent to sleep in, if you don't know what this is....you must check it out, Amazing!
  • The constant companion, Bunny Roo.
Hope you guys have a great weekend and can't wait to share some pictures and catch up from the last couple adventures when I get back home.


Tine said...

Wow! Can you please come and pack a bag for me, too?

NRC said...

Great post, as I'm only 18 I'm sending this to my mom friends!! I'm sure they'll love it

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