After The Mojo and Before The Gun

Monday, June 27, 2011

We had the most amazing time in the woods with our friends!

As always I did not take nearly as many photos as I would have liked. I am finding it close to impossible to participate and document at the same time.

While the cabin was slightly more rustic then originally expected, the company made up for it for sure! Mr. Chris kept us fed, cooking one amazing meal after another, and Mr. Nick kept us entertained with constant music and even a few live performances with his guitar. Mrs. Ashley and Mrs. Casey played, flew the kite, colored, and read nigh-time stories......Carson was thrilled!

Highlights include:
  • A storm that blew in just after we unloaded the car and got Carson tucked in for an afternoon nap.
  • The largest cheese platter to ever exist.
  • A yummy dinner of salmon, asparagus, and toasted bread. Yum!
  • The teepee. Yes, there was a real full size teepee in the woods. We spent the later portion of the evening sitting around the fire pit inside.
  • A much needed breakfast for the weary that included eggs, bacon, and pancakes with maple syrup.
  • A morning hike along the creek and a most entertaining kite flying expedition into the field. Without any wind at all, we were forced to come up with creative ways to get the kite to stay in the air for the, very excited, Carson. This included lots of running.
  • Lunch and afternoon naps for some.......and back out for another hike. This hike was slightly more successful, in that we found a few waterfalls and took our shoes off to wade in the water and watch Carson play. (sadly a threatening storm, means the camera had to stay home.)
  • Dinner- a slow cooked a brisket, mac and cheese, salad, and good wine. Thank you Richter!
  • Dessert- Smores around the fire, storytelling, and late night key lime pie.
  • Breakfast- (prepared by Mr. Nick) creamy grits and overstuffed omelets. Delicious!
  • A Red Top Mountain hike, followed by quick a dip in the lake.
Complaints Included:
  • 30 plus acres of private property really meant.....shared with the owner who lives on the grounds and has two dogs that might join in on your vacation.
  • Claw foot bath tubs can sometimes be more charming then clean.
  • Central Air is considered an extra in the Georgia Mountains cabins, note to self: ask next time to be sure.
  • Bedroom can sometimes mean a bed behind a curtain, sorry Lufts!
  • There is such a thing as too much cheese.
  • Two nights and a day is not a long enough of a vacation these days.
We ate, we drank, we laughed, we played, and we teepeed. It was a much needed break for all of us! Thank you friends for such a great time!


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