Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Event

The crowds.

The beverage.

The food.

The style: Flowy printed jumpers, with an added belt!

Striped tank dress with a great clutch.

A Pretzel Necklace, genius!

Light weight cottons with flutter sleeve and embellishments, adorable!

Culottes, in striped jersey, with a simple tank and a cross-body messenger bag.

A great beard!

Lace back cotton cardigan, over a jersey dress. (Black and navy together)

Me and my sis. Cotton gauze sundress, moccasin boots, and a vintage denim and rope bag. Striped linen poncho with jeans and espies.

A vendor.

The pourers.

The details.

On ice.

My favorite, of course!

The shade.

The empties.

Saturday afternoon I headed over to the first annual Brookhaven Beer Festival to meet up with my sister and her husband. It was HOT, and the place was packed, but there were 153 beers being served to cool me down and I was thrilled to have a few hours of "grown-up time" to wander around with my camera.

I was excited to get some shots of local style, but I came home to discover I had taken a lot less pictures then I thought. Not sure if it was the beer, the heat, or nerves? I still feel kind of weird asking people if I can take their picture.......but, I am slowly gaining confidence. Festivals are the perfect place to practice with the camera, since drunk people seem a lot less offended and more excited to be photographed.

Now I just need to master holding the cup full of beer and the camera at the same time! Cheers!


angela mayhoe said...

I feel the same way about asking people if I can take their picture. That's something I need to work on...maybe after I get a better camera I will feel more comfortable. Don't know how people would react to my '98 digital camera that my sister gave me...it's like carrying around a "Zack Morris" phone.

Tine said...

Oh such pretty people! I love your sunglasses btw!

stephanie duncan said...

thanks! the glasses were a gift from santa duncan, love them! just different enough from the standard aviators. angela, the camera thing is totally true! it helps tremendously to have a bad ass camera! i got a great strap at bonnaroo last year and someone at the beer fest told me i looked very official just because of the strap, ha! easier to fake it if i look the part, right? thanks for the comments as always ladies!!!

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