Birthday Breakfast

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's official........I am over Mickey and Minnie!

The party was a huge success, especially if your judging based on the looks on Carson's face all Saturday morning!

Shrieks of delight made every moment of crafting and planning worth it!

If I was forced to admit a misstep.........I once again was frantically icing the cake as guests arrived. From the picture you will be able to clearly see I had cake problems.......again. Avoiding store bought icing seems to mean that my cakes will forever look like they are on the way off the plate, yikes!

For now, I'm hoping and praying that she doesn't ask to be Minnie for Halloween and dreaming of the Cowboys and Indians Party I wanted instead......maybe next year, fingers crossed!

It might not have been my first choice as a theme, but Carson is the most amazing little girl! I'm endlessly beaming with pride over the little person that she is becoming. It was my goal to give her a truly magical day that she deserves and would remember............mission accomplished! Plus, as far as Minnie/ Mickey Parties go.......I think it was about as cool as it gets!?

PS. How about that last picture? That is the face of the fierce independence to come in the next year. Watch out!


leslie said...

Absolutely love and her face in those photos makes it all worth it! You are probably the coolest mom of all time. Enjoy the title while it lasts and before she turns on you:) Great job with everything - very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

holy cow.
way to rock the house down!!!!
I have been waiting for photos and am SO stoked you posted them!!!! Everything looks amazing and everyone looks so happy. Well played love.
I was there in spirit.
Big huge fat kisses.

stephanie duncan said...

Thanks so much ladies for the kind words and encouragement!!!!

Beth said...

AMAZING! You are amazing!

Joslyn said...

wow lady!!! crazy awesome party!!!!!!

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