Party Preperations

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Party hats: Carson could not decide between ears and a hat, so I combined the two and added some sequins for fun.

Covered Sangria wine jugs for the centerpieces on the tables. I have glittered and painted mickey heads to add to some sunflowers. Long tables will be covered in polk a dot and striped fabrics.

Lots of cute ribbons to tie onto the balloons.
My girl LOVES balloons!

Lots of paper garland, cuz I love it! Carson had so much fun picking out all the papers in the scrapbook section and we cut our own confetti from the leftovers.

I used hot pink nylon cord that I bought in the camping section of Target, perfect right?

Here is my version of the streamer garland, so pretty.....but it takes forever! I will feel like it is worth it when its all spread out over my vintage picture of Mickey and Minnie I had blown up poster size. Kind of the centerpiece over the food table.

Paper fans: by far the cheapest and easiest of all the projects. I plan to cluster them over the cake table.

Finally found a use for the millions of pictures that Carson paints and colors every day. We picked our favorites and loaded them all into a binder in clear sleeves. The rest we used to cut homemade confetti with.

Must have noisemakers!

Homemade mixed with store bought sparkly.

Confetti bags with noisemakers to hand out before cake. The party venue is the screen porch so the cement floor will be easy to clean up. What kid doesn't like throwing confetti and making a mess? Final touches are going on our favor bags, but they include some of Carson's favorite things.

Carson's dress for the big event. She requested a dress and a skirt, so this one has both......but it's still kind of a work in progress. My sewing is far from impressive, but luckily she doesn't seem to mind.

Kind of a let down after yesterdays post on Confetti System, I know. I guess it's kind of runway to reality. I'm not planning a tea party or a rock concert. I'm planning a Minnie and Mickey Birthday Breakfast for my little, and I want everything to be amazing!

In an attempt to avoid the Disney aisle at the party store, Carson and I have been hard at work for weeks. I'm not a huge fan of pink, so I tried to steer Carson towards the classic red and white polk a dot that classic Minnie wears, with pops of pink here and there. I added some gold because I think that there always needs to be a metallic for it to feel festive. Somehow that kind of turned into yellow too, but they both wear yellow shoes so?

The party is ten AM which is great for many reasons. The kids will be freshly rested, the heat should be tolerable, and the food and drink manageable. We are serving standard eggs and bacon for the kids, chili cheese grits, a breakfast casserole, and mimosas for the adults. There will be piles of donuts from the amazing Sublime. You must check out the website to see the out of control flavors! At noon we are having cake covered in sprinkles, Mickey and Minnie cookies, and ice cream......cuz that's what the Birthday girl requested. Activities include balloon animals, face paint, a short scavenger hunt, and a special appearance by two surprise guests. Guess who?


Beth said...

So cute Stephanie! Happy Birthday Carson! I hope you all have a great party tomorrow. I will be looking forward to the pictures.

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