Don't Wanna Be a Gown-Up

Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't Wanna Be a Grown- Up

Don't wanna be a grown-up,
A fat and overblown-up.
'Cause gown-ups always eat their peas,
Hide their mouths each time they sneeze.
Wear big woolen suits that itch,
Work all day so they'll be rich.
Mind their manners, act polite,
Always smile, never fight.
Talk about the things they've done,
And never ever have much fun.

Sometimes it can be exhausting to be responsible and act like an adult! It has been a long week, thats all I'm gonna say about that!

Drinks and dinner with my sisters tonight and I can't wait!

source:Bing Bang Boing, Douglas Florian


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