My Sweet Carson

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She is growing so fast!

Just wanted to share some of her latest adventures, enjoy!


Amanda said...

Too stinkin' cute. She totally rocks the wayfarers.

trdmosgrls said...

Seriously she cannot get any cuter! And she is growing up so fast. Love all the new pics Steph!!!!!!

angela mayhoe said...

I love love love her wardrobe! She is adorable!

kdefee said...

too cute! my favorites are the pics of her in her north face coat. and it looks like you're getting your moneys' worth with the hunter boots! love her, miss you all!

Tine said...

Wow you're very talented! Fantastic photos! You've captured so many special moments!

stephanie said...

Thanks ladies, for all your kind words about my Carson! She makes it easy to take great pics!! It's so amazing to read such sweet comments!!!

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