Patterns of Science

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First I was a social work major, then I was a fashion major, then I took a semester online at an art incomplete college degree and random combination of classes sure would seem a lot cooler if I was making beautiful collages using fashion imagery to examine various human behavior and the world we live in.

I saw these on bumbumbum the other day and HAD to share. Such thought provoking stuff!

Ian Addison Hall is a Brooklyn based artist that uses photography and found imagery to create collages that communicate common underlying values that we can all relate to. 'Patterns of Science,' is his latest project.

“Using vintage catalog imagery, each piece in this series explores the relationship between the patterns that exist in fashion and the patterns that comprise human genetics. While a clothing pattern is designed to make the wearer look and feel different than everyone else, when expanded over the model’s exposed skin it instead represents the common biological and emotional framework that we all share.”
all images: Ian addison Hall


Amanda said...

Completely awesome! Thanks for sharing these stimulating images.

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