Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finally watched the film Frida last night, and while I thoroughly enjoyed her dramatic and symbolic art, here are the things I drift off to sleep wondering:

  1. Should I ditch all my delicate little pieces of jewelry and start wearing my biggest and brightest of statement necklaces?
  2. Do I look tired and boring in my uniform of mixed neutrals? And if so, how can I possibly learn to love, and wear, color in the few months I have before the spring color explosion arrives in stores?
  3. Were Frida and Diego crazy to have two separate houses connected by a bridge, or genius?

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Amanda said...

We are in the same boat, love. I am all neutrals + minimal on the jewelry. Every time I try to step outside of that, I just don't feel like myself. So I've decided to embrace what I love. Statement color may work for some but I can rock black like nobody's business. It may seem drab to others but without it, all that color would seem boring, too.

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