Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who knew that Etsy had such great clothes?

This little shop is beyond adorable! Here is the profile info:
hello,everyone,we're a family team:my sister,my mother and I.
I'm a designer,I graduated from Henan Institute of Light Industry,all the clothes in my shop are my design,and I run this ETSY shop:)

my sister :the tailor and the model.
all the clothes are made by her,she do a good job,and she is the one of the model,too:),some times,I spend money to hire professional models and photographers to show my clothes.but some times,to save costs, as a photographer myself, my sister as a model, although not professional, but very friendly, right? ? ?

my mother ,she do lots of jobs:Quality,Parcel, shipping,she do a good job,too.
New and modern pieces, exciting colors and prints, wearable fashion-things that could function successfully in real life. Plus, an opportunity to support handmade homemade familymade clothing! My only concern........China, Nuevo Leon, Mexico?

all images: kekebo


Amanda said...

I look at this shop all the time (hello, those black + tan coats are fab!) but I always resist ordering because I share the same concern as you. I hate to be a pessimist but the location info seems iffy.

ale norris said...

Nuevo Leon, Mexico is one location. It's kind of a melting pot there, and many, many families spend time there during part of the year, and spend the rest of their time in another part of the world. They probably do the same going back and forth between China and Nuevo Leon.

Heath said...

I love the black coat in the tenth photo down but I don't see it on the Etsy site. Where did you find this photo?

stephanie said...

I got all the images straight from the site. It must have sold in the last few days? If you contact Kekebo maybe they would be able to make another? They sound very sweet, you should send them a note and ask! Thanks for reading and good luck, it is a great looking coat......hope you get it!

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