Thursday, December 8, 2011

The spending is beginning to get to me!

It's that time of year. My days are spent shopping..............on my computer, on my phone, in a store. It is feeling slightly out of control!

No matter how hard I try to follow my budget and be thoughtful with all purchases, I am still being swept up in the mass consumption that is Christmas.

Hoping that as I am nearing the end of my lists of purchases to be made, I will be able to get back to enjoying the holidays: spending time with friends and family, making special things to hang about and gift, cooking, knitting..........celebrating my favorite time of the year.

Yesterday Artistaday featured Claire Fontaine. I thought that theme was fitting and that the images were thought provoking!

I hate feeling like a consumer, forever hungry and desperate for more stuff! In the end it is exhausting and unsatisfying! I shop at Target, Costco, Amazon.....all the usual suspects. I buy things that, in reality, I don't need. Then, I feel guilty about it. Sometimes it's necessary, but most of the time it is not! Christmas seems to be a magnification of such behavior.

This year I am determined to keep things in perspective! We are working on a lite Christmas, less gifts and more memories......what about you?

all images: Claire Fontaine


Amanda said...

We've been working on Christmas-Lite for several years now. We started downsizing our total life by selling our house (3 bedrooms = too much for 2 people) and moving to loft living and the purging that was required to make that happen extended naturally to the holidays. We've cut our shopping list down considerably -- no more trinkets. And for those who remain, we give either consumable or useful gifts (think reusable shopping bags). For the hubs and I, it has to be useful and/or something we are definitely going to keep forever. Don't get me wrong, I still love to shop and I love getting pretty things but anything that could = clutter just isn't an option.

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