John Baldessari

Friday, February 17, 2012

I love collage that uses found photography! John Baldessari is a truly fascinating American conceptual artist!

By obscuring a face Baldessari was able to erase individuality and transform a specific person into an obscure object. (1)

In 1970 he burnt all of the paintings he had created between 1953 and 1966 as part of a new piece, titled "The Cremation Project". The ashes from these paintings were baked into cookies and placed into an urn, and the resulting art installation consists of a bronze plaque with the destroyed paintings' birth and death dates, as well as the recipe for making the cookies. Through the ritual of cremation Baldessari draws a connection between artistic practice and the human life cycle. (2)
How crazy/amazing?!

Today I got a new flash for my camera and signed up for a one hour one-on-one class with an instructor. I'm hoping that I am on my way to actually learning how to really use my camera! It would be such a dream to be able to take really amazing photographs and maybe even make some collages of my own one day! For now I'll focus on step one: read the manual for the new flash.

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