My Little Artist

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday Carson and I spent the day at the High Museum of Art. I have been dying to see the exhibit Picasso to Warhol! I have been taking to Carson to art museums since she was itty bitty in Dallas, but I was especially to see her reaction to this collection!

About six months ago Carson selected an art book at the library that was similar to a text book. I didn't expect her to be interested in a book that had so much text in it. Needless to say we renewed it several times, at her request, and finally returned it just before Christmas. I replaced it with a great Children's Book of Art of her own and she has been excited to look through it together and talk about the different types of art and sculpture, specifically the Modern and Pop Art. I knew it was time to finally venture down to the exhibit.

The second we stepped off the elevator she was in front of an beautiful Picasso.........she stood perfectly still and took it in. It was amazing! She actually sat down in front a Jackson Pollok, and stared.

I am so thankful that Carson has such an interest in art! On the way out she insisted on buying a Modern Art Masterpieces color book and an Andy Warhol sticker book. I am so proud of my little artist!

Have a great weekend!

image: blury phone pic since I wasn't allowed to take any real photos in the gallery, sorry!


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