Friday, March 23, 2012

All Saints entrance, Michigan Avenue
a well dressed man
an interesting shoe
Robin Richman, a dreamy shop
lovely prints and color combinations
the perfect summer bag
seriously, THE most beautiful hangers
vinatge boots, aplenty
the best collection of vintage designer bags I have ever seen
Eskell, a shop with great private label jewelry and clothes
a bookstore, before I got yelled at for taking a picture....or else there would be more
thrift store, a great selection of vintage lamps
clearly, obsessed with ugly lamps
the bigger the shade the better!
Goorin Bros., a charming hat shop
The TShirt Deli, a clever concept
a street artist, painting the Violet Hour- the hippest place I have been in a long while
the best dressed girl I saw in Chicago, seriously/annoyingly beautiful!

This time last week I was soaking in a tub at the Affinia getting ready for dinner at the Pump Room, followed by champagne at Sofitel Hotel and late night festivities at The Drawing Room. My trip to Chicago was a much needed break from reality, from my routine. It was a chance to ride a plane all alone with no one to take care of, and roam around a new city with complete freedom and no schedule to follow. IT. WAS. AH. MAZING!

I spent three glorious days eating some of the best food of my life, discovering shops and new lines I had never heard of, and playing around with my new lenses. The best part, I got to do all of it with one of my favorite people in the world. There is no other person more thoughtful, kind and generous then B. She is the ULTIMATE host! While she has an amazing place right in the heart of the city, she still surprised me with an incredible hotel suite down the street. "I wanted to make sure it felt like a vacation for you." Who does that?

Here are some pictures from my shopping adventures. I was especially excited by the collection of shops in Bucktown! Robin Richman in particular was the most beautiful and well curated shop I have seen in some time! Most of the lines were new to me, the leather goods were drool worthy, and the jewelry was so perfectly placed and displayed in these gorgeous little glass trays and cases, it was perfection! The windows were full of stacked patterns and heart shape rocks lined the was charming, but edgy and hip at the same time. The arrangement of everything felt very natural, the selection of goods so well edited that it seemed effortless, but I know better. Someone has worked very hard on every detail! If I lived in Chicago I think I would be bypassing Intermix and Alexis Bittar, on the same street, and spend every penny I had in Robin Richman.

Enough gushing!
The rest of the pictures are a mixture of my attempts to shoot some street style (so much harder then I thought) and random shots of shops, vintage and new. Overall, I have to admit that I have a major crush on Chicago! I'm not sure how in all these years and in all the cross country moves I have made that this is my first time in the Windy City, but that might be a good thing. If I had discovered it sooner, I might have had yet another move on my resume. For now I can say that it is one my top three favorite cities! Portland being number one (duh) and Chicago slightly ahead of NYC. I love the big apple, but after 75 degree weather in Chicago for three days it's a close call.

Thank you B for the most amazing girls weekend! Of all the things that we squeezed into my three days there, I think that my favorite might have been us piled into the super cozy hotel bed noshing on all things fried and watching a 5 A.M., YIKES!

Have a great weekend!


Beth C said...

Your photos turned out so great. I am glad I can look at them and remember our fun weekend together. It was so wonderful to have you here. I hope we can see each other again sooner rather than later. Thank that wonderful husband of yours for sending you out here. It was such a treat!

mary said...

these photos are amazing...looks like you visited some great shops!

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