KONY 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Every once in a while I am flipping through Tumbr and I see something that is not just another gorgeous fashion picture. KONY 2012 posters have been flooding the internet since Monday. This is a campaign lead by the Invisible Children movement and its goal is to end the civil war in Uganda that is being fought by abducted children. They seek to popularize Joseph Kony and the LRA using the internet, gaining awareness and support, while targeting celebrities, musicians and key politicians that can make a difference in the capturing of this evil man.

Learn More......
Watch the movie here.
Sign the pledge here.
Support the movement here & here.
Join the Facebook here.

April 20th people all over the world will unite efforts in Cover The Night, check it out here. A simple search should tell you more about what is being organized in the city you live in. Spread the word!


mary said...

Hey Steph,

Luke here, just wanted to thank you for bringing this to attention. Mary and I have signed up and have supported this, hope all is well. Thanks for using your blog as a powerful source for a great cause.

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