Thursday, August 8, 2013

My sister Mary.  That girl on Pinterest.  Queen of the messy bun...... however it is that you know her.

She has been killing it on Happily Grey of late and because I talk to her all the time, I am completely aware of the insane amount of work and time that she puts into her blog and her brand.

I thought I would put up some of my most favorite shots.  Endlessly critical and always a perfectionist when it comes to her images, one post is better then the last.  

She works obsessively.  Honestly the girl does not stop.

She continues to inspire and encourage me to blog, and I am grateful.  More then that, I am thankful for the closeness it has brought to our relationship.  When everyone thinks that we are crazy, we find each other and feel understood.

Follow Mary here, if you don't already and stay tuned for upcoming projects together.

all images:  Happily Grey


justine said...

Stylish and gorgeous sisters - love it!

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