Tuesday, October 1, 2013

These simple and minimalist collages are making me so happy today.

Life around here has been complicated.  We are in transition, on hold, paused.  Uncertainty, especially extended uncertainty, can be brutal.  It could be said that I am not a particularly patient person.  In my defense, order and stability seem like basic necessities in a home with two little ones.

While we are swimming in amazing possibilities and potential opportunities...everything remains just barely out of reach. So frustrating!

This  past weekend my incredible husband sent me on my way.  He knows me well enough to recognize when I need a break.  Occasionally it is important that I be alone with my thoughts.  It seems to be the only way I can process all that bounces around in my head.

After some alone time in Chattanooga, I went on to Nashville to spend some time with Mary.  The trip ended up being the perfect mix of work and play.  I can finally breathe deeply again.

I'm back home and feeling reenergized, inspired even.  I am determined to focus on what makes me happy instead of wallowing around worrying, complaining while I wait.

Thanks, as always, for following along!

Anthony Zinonos is a freelance collage illustrator based in Norwich, U.K.

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all images:  Anthony Zinonos


katie//salt+pine said...

So sorry to hear about the limbo, Stephanie! Like you wrote, it is so hard to have something just out of reach. Those little respites away really do recharge, though. Hope you get the answer you want soon!

stephanie said...

Katie- Thanks so much for the kind words. Fingers crossed we will be headed your way soon. Not losing hope yet!

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