Saturday, November 30, 2013





I am so thrilled to finally share some super exciting news!

About a month ago I was asked to join the MOST incredibly talented group of ladies, and contribute to an AMAZING new site called Clementine Daily!

I am the Style Editor(!!!) and will be writing pieces on style, trends, wardrobe and shopping!  Above you will find links to my first four articles, and I added a button on the left to make it easy for you to check out new material in the future.

I can not say enough about the site or the other editors that I get to work with.  They author some of absolute best blogs out there, so check out there sites too!

Our mission is simple: to create a space for real women living authentic-sometimes-frenzied-often-harried-but-always-inspired lives. Featuring original content, powerhouse writers and stunning photography for beauty, style, home, living and food, Clementine Daily celebrates the beauty of today’s multi-faceted, modern woman.

Clementine is a one-stop-shop of good taste, love and encouragement.  It is women inspiring and supporting other women.  It is a place to escape all the wanting, and see things that you might actually be able to afford.  It is honest, and real, and relevant.

I am so honored to be a part of it!

learn more about Clementine here.
subscribe here.
follow along here, here, here, and here.

text & all images:  Clementine Daily


Azrakun Blue said...

Big congrats! And I will definitely check it out...

erin loechner said...

We are SO, so, so thrilled to have you, Stephanie! Thank you for joining us!!!! :)

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