Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It could be said that I have a serious addiction to cardigan sweaters.  

This long double layer cardigan came from a shop in Portland.  I snuck out of the hotel room to walk along the water when I spotted it in the window. Attending University of Texas Austin means you have a radar for all things burnt orange….for the rest of your life.

These ponte leggings are a Fall favorite of mine.  A not so basic staple, the leather patches at the knee make them feel more like pants and less like tights.  I am a huge fan of leather combined with other fabrics!  I love the contrast of hard and soft….taking a material that is usually tough and refining it, it offers the best of both worlds.  

Oh, speaking of Portland…no we are not moving there (right now) and yes I am grumpy about it.  But, I do have this lovely cozy sweater and many other things to remind me of the city I love, and fingers crossed we will make it there sooner then later.  

So now you know.

On a happier note, I have some really exciting news to share soon about an opportunity that has come my way.  When one door closes, another one opens…and all that silly stuff people say to make sad people happy.  I am thankful for the distraction and beyond thrilled to be working with some crazy talented ladies.  Stay tuned…

images:  John Hillin


Azrakun Blue said...

I love love the cut of the sweater...

Beth C said...

You look great!

justine said...

Love it! Can you share where you found the leggings?

stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the comments!

Sorry about the lack of links on this post…the amazing cardigan came from a shop called Mia's on the Waterfront in Portland (no website, sorry) I wasn't able to find the brand online either. The pants are Lafayette 148 and are on sale at Nordstrom currently. They are called the Leather Trim Punto Milano Pant.

Thanks for following along!

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