Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I am finally about to live in a house worthy of thoughtful decorating.  

The first house we ever bought was yellow with a green roof, enough said.  

The second house we purchased had truly incredible potential, but we couldn't afford to do much of anything.  The rooms and walls stayed mostly empty and the lavender countertops in the kitchen are still intact.

Our last two homes were rentals.  It has been fun to just throw stuff together and spend our time and money on other things like travel and live music.

For the first time, EVER, we are about to purchase a house that we truly care about, a house that we already have a zillion plans for, a house we will be working on for years to come. 

Currently I am obsessing over thoughts of carefully selected, well placed art and photographs on our walls.  I would happily hang any of this charming collage work by Ben Giles!

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