Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I have been kind of obsessed with a great big wide leg lately.  I suppose it has finally been long enough that they feel fresh and new again.  

Remember when everyone switched to super skinny denim?  It was just before I had Carson, which was kind of a bummer because (shockingly) pregnant bodies don't look that great in skin tight jeans (or at least mine didn't).

For years we have been forced to squeeze ourselves into narrow and straight legs.  The good part is that  it's super easy to pair skinnies with things- shoes, boots, basically any silhouette or proportion on top.  A wider leg can be a bit tricky.  The shoe has to lift it just off the ground, without pushing the front up causing it to buckle, flats are almost impossible to wear, tops have to be just the right length, etc. 

I still think it is totally worth it! 

This is the third pair of flared jeans that I have bought this Fall, each has been wider in the leg then the last.  Now I am dying for more- printed wide leg trousers,  maybe even a heavy cotton white wide leg pant for summer…

What about you?  Have you pulled out some old favorites, or are you shopping for the new and improved version?

Photography:  John Hillin
Shop my Les Nouvelles wish list here.

Hat- Hat Attack, similar here. Top- Ostwald Helgason, ℅ Les Nouvelles here. Denim- Emerson Fry, similar here. Bag- TL180, ℅ Les Nouvelles here. Platforms-  Michael Kors (old), similar here


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