Thursday, January 9, 2014

Before there was a John Hillin taking crazy gorgeous photographs and videos…

Back when Mary was tirelessly studying photoshop and crafting her own logo…

When she was working full time as a nurse and moonlighting as a blogger…

Photo shoots consisted of Mary, a camera, a backseat piled high with clothes (maybe the occasional sip of wine for courage), and anyone willing to take pictures.

Lucky me, I got to be a part of that.

Here is a picture from last Spring, my first photoshoot with Mary.  Such a long and crazy and fun filled day!

Now things have changed a bit, evidenced by this incredible new site.  

It is so inspiring to watch someone chase their dreams and work hard enough to really make them happen!

Congrats little sister!

(Even older pics here, if your interested.)


Walshita said...

Hooray for you both! What a talented pair y'all are!!

Ashley said...

I LOVE that picture!

Anonymous said...

where is the outfit on the left from?! i love it

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