Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am having an allergic reaction to life right now.

Anxiety and anticipation and worry are taking over. Little sleep and lots of stress are adding up to one giant incurrable headache, and unfortunately a short temper.

Originally I thought- A month long move will give us time to slowly cull through our belongings and thoughtfully edit what we own.   I imagined sunny weekends spent shuffling stuff over to the new house, allowing us time to put things where they belong, in a super organized fashion…maybe even avoiding the stress of the official move in date.


Basically I feel like I am moving my house one paper clip at a time.  Some days I might as well be jogging the twenty minutes on foot with a back pack full of randomness.  There is, sadly, no strategic placement of items like I had hoped.  Instead, every single room has ongoing projects and outstanding needs that prevent any unpacking.

It has now become crystal clear that the patience I gained from parenting applies only to my sweet little angel girls and not to contractors, painters, or plumbers.

I have got to do better!

Sorry to all the people that are currently forced to deal with me, and a big thank you for all your kindness and understanding.  I am especially thankful to you Mr. Duncan!


Sarah said...

Hope you feel better! My sister is going through similar feelings of stress for similar reasons. I think once this cold winter is behind us, things will look up!

annton beate Schmidt said...

some times are like this; taking all of us and it feels far too little (and too slow), when it comes to getting rewards for it. I hear you. not a move here, but projects that need to be done, but need too much of me... screaming helped this morning. in fact, very loud screaming. and a bath afterwards. things will be sunny and bright comes march. until then: roarrrr!
greetings from busy berlin!

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