Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good news- I have survived the move!!! I am writing to you from inside of our new house!!! 

While we may not be unpacked completely, we are here with all of our belongings, in one place and we don't plan on moving ever again (I mean it).  I am so relieved to settle in.  You have no idea.

So, the construction continues... now we just have the pleasure of living in it.  For now our money goes into repairs and renovation, leaving little in the budget for decor.  Decorating for me currently is all about making do with what I have, mixing things up and trying out new arrangements and combinations. 

I am definitely not ready to show you anything just yet, but hopefully in a week or so I can start to snap some shots of our new space.  Until then….I decided to share some inspiration images from my Pinterest Abode board.

You can find more of what I like on all my interior and home boards herehere, here, herehere and here.

Current thoughts-

My first purchases will definitely be textiles.  I want amazing pillows, throws, and poufs for the big room.

My second focus will most certainly be on lighting.  There is currently lots of outdated track lighting and meh can lighting.  I'm excited to hang some bentwood pendants in the big room, find some industrial brass reading lamps for the master, an amazing modern chandelier for the entry and a new track system for the kitchen.  

My third priority is finding a local woodworker to build some custom shelving.  I desperately need bookshelves in several rooms.  Designing and installing the gorgeous staircase has me crazy for big solid pieces of beautiful wood.  I am LOVING the juxtaposition of all the warm woods and antiques with the sleek modern details of the house! 

So much more to come. 

Thought I would share a few of the places I look to constantly for inspiration.  These ladies seem to have a never ending flow of AMAZING ideas. They are master arrangers and expert shoppers when it comes to home goods.  I really admire the eclectic mix and laid back vibe they have in their homes.  Check out there blogs here, here and here.

All images: Pinterest  (Sorry about the repeats.  I am sure you have seen most of these more then once.)


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