Monday, April 14, 2014

 I totally chopped my hair!

Saturday I decided it was time to give up the long locks (that I have had most all of my life) and the dream of boho braids and flowing hair from the perfect gypset center-part.  The reality is most of the time my hair feels heavy and messy and frizzy and well, generally speaking- unimpressive.

So, armed with a  few of these images that I endlessly collect and pos,t I decided to make a major change.

The good news is that I love it!

I had a moment.  I freaked out.  But now I love it.

I don't want to be too dramatic.  I didn't' shave my head.  My hair does not touch my shoulders and my pony tail is teeny tiny.  But that's pretty major for me.

All images: my TumblrArchive
More images: my PinterestBeauty


Alecia said...

I am getting ready to take this plunge myself. Sooo scared, but my hair needs it so bad. Wish me luck :) xo

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