A. P. C.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lately I have been living in a pair of high waisted A.P.C. jeans that I bought at Need Supply on sale and hacked off at the ankle, something I have been guilty of doing to a lot of my denim lately.

I'm really into the entire Spring line actually, full of classic 70's silhouettes in beautiful fabrics, styled simply.  Lovely, understated, chic...effortless and so on.  Basically what we all strive for.

"To be dressed, you don't need to be high in the sky in heels,"

"My whole purpose is to sex down things." 

-Jean Touitou

Sadly Vanessa Seward won't be collaborating past next season...but I can only imagine what will come with a line of her very own.

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Behind the Mirror said...

APC is one of those brands that for some reason I always forget about. And it is a shame because I really love their look. It happens all the time, I will be out shopping and see something I must have and sure enough, it will be APC.

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