Monday, May 12, 2014

I have to admit after a lifetime with long hair, I am really digging my new short do.

Not sure why it took me so long to change things up, but better late then never.  I am actually taking the time to use product in my hair and a bit of makeup on my face…it's doing wonders for my day.

I wanted to share a few other things I'm adding to my beauty routine.  Aging gracefully is harder then I thought.  Nothing wrong with getting a little help, right?

Working on my smile with this (video here) because who has the time to go to the dentist for loads of treatments?

Makeup is challenging for me, but this product is making things easier (and prevents everything from falling off my face in the southern heat).  Why is it so hot already?!

All Images: by TumblrArchive


Behind the Mirror said...

I love your inspiration boards! I always look forward to them, and I love to post the pics to my pinterest... my boards always looks better after visiting your site!

stephanie said...

Amanda, you always know just what I need to hear! Thank you! Thank you!

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