Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh how I long for the day that there will be a budget for adding art into our new home. 

For now our funds are dedicated to boring things like repairs and necessary improvements.  Patience is something that I struggle with/work on constantly.

The color combinations in these Esther Stewart paintings have me plotting and planning for what to do with some of our (huge) empty walls.  I am not someone that will fill space with just anything or shop for temporary solutions.  

I am stubborn and wait for the 'right' thing...something that I absolutely love and cannot live without. (I guess that explains all of my empty walls.)

I often claim that I am not a big fan of color, but then I see certain colors placed in just the right arrangement, and suddenly I am obsessed and bored with all the neutrals that I fill my home and closet.
Esther Stewart’s work springs from the contrasting of form and colour, shifted and repositioned to produce clashes and illusory effects. Her paintings mimic the lines of architectural spaces and topographical mapping, eschewing conventional perspective.

Entire rooms could be built around some of these paintings.

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