Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A month ago I got the most amazing email.

I was headed to Palm Springs with the editors of Clementine Daily, a three day adventure with some of the women that I work alongside, but have never met in person.

I have always loved road trips.  I truly believe that the journey getting there is half the fun, and thanks to Buick this was no exception.

So, with a small (maybe not so small) bag I was headed out of town. We landed at LAX, hopped in our cars, and hit the road headed for the California desert.

We almost immediately ran into LA traffic, but even sitting on the highway was fun.  Our Enclave was packed with features that made the drive easy...we rode in complete comfort, had a tons of plugins for necessary electronics, GPS mapped everything out and even warned us of traffic ahead.  We jammed to the 90s XM station and shot pictures the whole way.  

Fields full of windmills, beautiful mountains...arrival at THE Viceroy.  Pure bliss.

Although the trip was short, we could not have packed more in.  

Cruising around town we ate crazy delicious food, sipped yummy drinks, toured to-die-for mid century modern neighborhoods, SHOPPED, took turns in the spa, lounged, swam....and talked.  We talked a lot (basically nonstop) and that was the ABSOLUTE best part! 
A week later I am still fueled by the thoughts and moments that were shared.  I feel inspired.  I feel understood.  I feel energized.  I feel grateful.  

Thank you Erin for putting together such an AMAZING trip and such an incredible team.  Thank you Buick for making it all happen, and for reminding me why I love road trips so very much!

All images: My own, plus find many more from our adventure on my Instagram.


Behind the Mirror said...

These pictures are amazing! I love the rustic scene you created in the photographs, I feel like I am there.I need to a vacation for realz. Great Post!

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