Love the Jill Stuart.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love the colors! Love the fabrics! Love the length! Love the boots! Love the hair! Love the lipstick! Love it all! I even love the belt bag, yup, I said it....I really do!!!

Today is officially the last day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. I have been doing my best to keep up with the shows via and other great fashion blogs, although the wealth of images can be daunting. Fall is the best season in all of fashion, the stuff that The September Issue, is made of. Aside from all the rich colors and textures ,(fur and leather aplenty this season) you have the structure and layering that helps make you feel cozy and conveniently hidden. Not everyone has the body to rock all the sassy summer trends....minis and mid drifts, oh my!

Anyway, after cruising through a good number of the slide shows I would have to say that Jill Stuart is my favorite presentation so far. I could post every piece, I love it that much! For me it is the perfect combination of retro 70s glam and sweet romantic hippie. I like the silk color block dresses for day and the romantic chiffon pieces for night. The chunky boots toughen it up a bit and the socks give it something unexpected, that just through this together casualness that I personally love. From beginning to end it was strong and seemed very fresh and new, which can be so hard to find!

Plus........ how can you not love gold lame knife pleats????

all photos: New York Mag


Ashley said...

Ooohhh, me likes the gold!

stephanie duncan said...

hooray! my very first comment....thanks ash!!!

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