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Monday, February 28, 2011

This past December while I was shopping for Christmas presents I discovered Fantasyland Records. I needed to find a place that would have some of the more obscure bands on Cuyler's list. I was puzzled when I was told that one of the CDs I was looking for was only available on vinyl, in fact the only new music they sell is on vinyl?

I thought of records as being antiques.... collectibles. The patient shop owner explained how popular vinyl is, how great the sound quality is, and how people have lost some of the genuine experience of buying and owning music because of the internet. It made sense! I couldn't stop thinking about it, talking about it.

So, this past weekend we bought our very first record player, hooray!!

We had fun cruising around the Guitar Center searching for the right one for us. Carson experimented with tambourines, bongos, yukalaylees, and strummed the guitars. She danced around in the disco lights while we found one that was reasonably priced, great looking, and came highly recommended (Numark TTUSB). It's easy to use and we can even back up our vinyl onto our computer- Perfect!

Next stop, Fantasyland Records....... to begin our very own record collection. As soon as we walked in the door Carson began fingering through the records in a bin on the floor, checking out the covers. She ran up and down the aisles while we listened to the music and made our selections.

It's funny how you set out to do something for one reason and realize later that it means so much more. A record player is such an exciting new addition to our home, for us and for her. What better tool for teaching our child to love music? It was a day we will remember always....I feel certain of it!

photos: our fancy new record player and my first few album picks (some of my favorite CDs that are scratched beyond use)

suggestions? post a comment and tell me your favorite album or a great resource for used records???


Amy said...

Steve naturally votes for any and all earth, wind, and fire albums. And thanks to all your research, I've got him convinced we need a record player too!

david said...

at the risk of dating myself, I still have my record player from when I was a teen. It doesn't plug into my pc though. That was long before cd's were invented. Come to think of it, that was before pc's were invented too! My favorite vinyl, "Cold Spring Harbor", Billy Joel.

stephanie duncan said...

On my list.....Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Billy.

Thanks for the input!!!

emily said...

Creedence Clearwater Revival--the greatest kitchen dance party music ever!

Marsha said...

Creedence comment was from Marmee--obviously need a few computer lessons

mary said...

I'm going to have to agree with Emily, CCR is my vote! Can't wait to listen to some tones when I'm visiting!

stephanie duncan said...

Creedence will be great music for the screen porch....thanks!!!

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