Anatomy of a Room (volume three)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to the Playroom.......this is where all the action happens!

Metal piece over the fireplace, thrifted and gifted by a dear friend. Beatles poster on right: purchased and framed in college.

Crayons: Crayola. Basket: Ikea. Buffet: World Market. Wall Art: DIY, pages from a phonics book that belonged to my grandmother, framed.

Storage: mixed, aqua- they are actually in the bath section and come in millions of colors World Market. green- Target. wood- recycled clementine boxes.

Bouncy Balls: mixed. Potato Head: family- Costco. parts- Once Upon A Toy, Disney.

Chairs- inexpensive and perfect size for little ones to climb in and out Ikea. Pillows- homemade, fabric- Ikea. Tables and small woven baskets- Ikea. Storage- green, Target.

Large Floor Pillows on left: homemade, fabric-Joanns. Dollhouse, all furniture, and dolls: Santa Christmas present Plan Toys.

Art Easel and paper: Ikea. Seesaw: Christmas present from Marmee and Scooter, One Step Ahead.

Poster: Powells Bookstore, Portland trip. Art: Carson Originals on canvas.

Leaves and Stones: collected in the field. Wallflowers: Umbra.

Sourav Wood Table: World Market. Media Storage Boxes: used to store our art supplies, Ikea.

Kitchen: second Birthday present from mom and dad, Plan Toys. Food and all accessories: Plan Toys, Melissa and Doug, Green Toys.

Puzzle: Melissa and Doug. Table and Chairs: Ikea.

When we moved into the new house the absolute best part about it was that it was kid friendly! The playroom is where we spend the majority of our time. It is right off the kitchen, so I can cook and still keep an eye on Carson while she plays, paints, etc. Also the screen porch is off of this room, so in nice weather the door stays open so that we can enjoy the fresh air and play both inside and out. It really is the perfect set up!

In Dallas we didn't have a playroom, so we had the toys sort of spread out around the house. Now that all of her toys are neatly organized and put away in this room, it allows us some adult space in the front of the house. Plus, it works out great that all that she has in her room are books.....nothing distracting to lure her out of bed at night. (well besides her obsession with her books)

I have worked really hard to purchase good quality toys! It is important to me that her things be safe, nontoxic, and green when possible. Luckily most of the toy companies that fit that criteria also design amazingly creative and stimulating toys!

Obviously my go to store, when it comes to playroom stuff, is Ikea. While it can be overwhelming to shop there, I have found that if you know what you are looking for specifically, it is well worth it. There stuff looks great for what it costs!

Note: I have worked hard to include links to all products individually, if your interested most of these things have been purchased in the last couple of years and are still available.


Lisa LeGuin Lawrence said...

what a fun room! what a lucky little girl:)

stephanie duncan said...

thanks! i was just remembering that amazing playroom in between the girls rooms in your house. i guess they don't play dress up in there anymore....oh how time flies!

elizabeth antonia said...

that looks like a real fun place to play!! lucky kiddo ;)

Marina said...

what a fabulous room, I love the ceiling lines... looks like there are skylights? As ever, your eclectic style soo works! Another bullseye missy :)

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