Anatomy of a Room (volume two)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So, continuing along with the little house tour....we move into the dining room.

Hope you like it.......

Rug- Ikea. Tablecloth- Anthropologie. Table and Chairs- handed down from Cuyler's grandmother Narca. (We are so lucky to have so many special pieces handed down from family!)

Silver-vintage, gifts from the Scott side of Cuyler's family. China- vintage, wedding gift from my mother. Crystal- Waterford, wedding presents. I'm a big believer in using all of my stuff whenever I have the chance...that's what it is for!

Everyday China-wedding gifts, Johnson Brothers. Wine glasses, Marquis. When setting my table I typically try to mix the everything together, so that it does not seem so matchy and traditional.

Wood tray- found in a house my parents renovated. Owl Shakers- Anthropologie. Candlesticks- mixed: wood- Pottery Barn. glass- Southern Living. metal & glass- Target.

Metal Candlesticks- handed down from my Grandma Ada. Bar- handed down from Cuyler's Narca.

Candelabra- wedding gift from a dear friend, Pottery Barn. Corks- special and memorable bottles of wine consumed.

Its small and simple and full of light! I purposely did not put up curtains, in fact I decided not to curtain any of the windows in the front rooms. Since the house was built in the 20's, there are these huge framed windows that let the sun pour in. It is amazing!

When we first moved in, every room in the house was a different dreadful color. After a 48 hour paint-a-thon it looked completely transformed. Oh the power of paint! All the colors that I picked were the Behr Ultra Premium, primer and paint in one, from the Home Depot of course! It literally took one coat. (The color is called Anonymous, FYI. )

I'm sure that it is noticeable that the walls are pretty bare. I have a project that I am working on that will take up a whole wall. I'm really excited to post about it soon! After that I will be, hopefully, getting some of our favorite photographs up from different trips we have taken in the last few years. Always more to do right?


Carson and I had the most fun today running around in the yard finding new blooms. I am so excited for our first Spring to discover what all will be growing in this wild yard. So far we have found some beauties!

Carson dragged the wagon around while I trimmed a few of the bushes in the yard. We brought them in the house and made little arrangements. Within an hour the sweet smell filled all the rooms. This is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this house!


Marina said...

I'm glad ya'lls new house has flowering things... hope poison ivy isn't present, lol! FYI I think the candlesticks from momma are pewter.

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