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Friday, March 4, 2011

About a year ago I saw a sneak peek on Design Sponge with the most charming home! (They have endless inspiration on that site...check it out!) My favorite image was of the giant chalkboard in the bedroom. I loved that it was floor to ceiling! When it comes to art and photographs, the bigger the better!

I have wanted to do the project ever since. I stalled only because I knew it would be another heavy piece to move from Texas, but now that we are settled..... I finally get my chalkboard. Sadly, I could not find the picture on Design Sponge, as their archives are endless, so I did my best to guess how they created it. It was a fun and relatively easy project!

I love the natural patterns of wood! My favorite part of this chalkboard is that the letters remain the natural wood material, unpainted. It makes it feel more organic to me, more special then the standard stencils or painted letters you see everywhere.

So I started with a large piece of wood, from the Depot. Obviously you can choose to make this project on any scale you like. I got a 4X8 piece of 3/4" wood in the lumber department and had them cut a foot off. FYI they have lots of different sizes in the pre-cut project section. I purchased two cans of chalkboard spray paint and then headed to Hobby Lobby for the vinyl adhesive letters. I chose 6" letters, the largest that they sold, and used the tools that I had at home to measure and decide on placement.

Basic Instruction:
Carefully place all the letters. Spray two coats of the chalkboard paint. Use something sharp to lift corners of the letters and peel. Its that easy!

I decided to put my chalkboard on a wall in my dining room. I love the idea of using it when I entertain, writing menus and wine selections. The options seem endless! In fact, just after we finished eating tonight Cuyler had fun writing what we had for dinner.......and the fun begins.

Let me know what you think, if you have a great project idea to offer, or if you up and decide to do this project yourself.

Have a great weekend!


david said...

Nice! Never heard of chalkboard paint before. Is there such a thing as whiteboard paint for dry markers?

stephanie duncan said...

Indeed they do!

It's the same brand as the chalkboard paint and available at the Home Depot.

emily said...

holy i want one batman...SERIOUSLY, make me one and send it home with marmee on the plane! I freakin love this! love the BLOG!!!

stephanie duncan said...

awe thanks em! im not sure that marmee would be able to carry this? but, the next time im in texas we can make one together.....maybe as a housewarming gift. austin does have home depots right?

mary said...

wow! What a creative idea! I agree with Emily...put me on the list!

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