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Friday, March 11, 2011

If I could choose one shop that I could have whatever I wanted from right now, it would totally be Madewell! Cuyler's sisters introduced me to the store a few years back, saying they had the best scarves (which they do) and I have been a fan ever since. I'm not sure if they were recently purchased by J.Crew, or if they always owned them? Either way, I'm thrilled they have a new website and more stores!

While I love fashion, I have discovered (sadly) that there are things that I can no longer wear. I either look ridiculous or can not function properly as a mom in them. I need something comfortable and practical......BUT I refuse to join the ranks of women living their lives in black work out gear. I can not do it!

Madewell offers a solution. The clothes have just the right mix of current & retro styles for me. They successfully mix the feminine sweet floral silks and such, with the more masculine boycut jeans and sweaters. The clothes aren't skimpy, but are a little trendier and hipper then the traditional J. Crew stuff (and a bit more affordable). There seems to be a very casual, almost accidental style about their looks that I appreciate! Sort of a "just threw this together," look that I strive for.

Recently they had a few bloggers post their favorite looks. I thought it would be fun to pick all of my favorites too. Here is what I wish I could have from Madewell for this Spring and Summer. Im pretty sure this is all I would need!

ps. I am serious about wanting a pair of the sequin shorts. I LOVE, I really do!

Do you like Madewell? Other stores that you think are better?


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