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Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Monday everyone seemed to really like the post on hair. So, I thought I would share this weeks new finds. While I am still enjoying all the braids, I am really loving all of these loose buns! So simple and classic and beautiful, right?

With the sun coming out and the temperatures rising, Spring is finally here. What better time to shed our heavy sweaters and scarves and put our hair up?

This weekend I had one of my favorite people visiting! We went out for a girls night on Friday and wearing the same old boring jeans I basically live in, I needed a confidence booster. Armed with a few bobby pins and some new ideas .......ta da, a new look!

Did anyone else feel inspired?

photos: mixed sources all available on my Pinterest. (along with other hair images, check it out)


Beth said...

I loved spending time with you and your family. You looked beautiful and fashion forward as always. I have always aspired to have your ingenuity and creativity. I can't wait to see you all again.

stephanie duncan said...

It was an amazing and much needed visit! Thank you sweet friend for always believing in me and encouraging me so!

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