Matthias Heiderich

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photography is like most of my other interests: I know nothing.....technically speaking.

I do, however, know what I like. This applies to Art, Architecture, Design, Wine, etc. Just because I can't use the proper lingo does not mean that I don't have an opinion.

I suppose instead of being a connoisseur, that would make me what? A critic? I have a gut reaction to almost everything I see. I love it, or I hate it! There is rarely an in between.

When I saw these photographs, I fell in love! The colors, the lines, they are amazing!

Going out into nature and photographing flowers or taking lovely landscape shots seems easier then searching out something really special in unexpected places. I love that these beautiful images came from such an Industrial environment!

Matthias Heiderich is a self-taught photographer living and working in Berlin. Check out his link to see the rest of them.

What do you think?


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