Homemade Hot Sauce

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The party prep continues........

Today the big task was getting the party favors put together. We decided we wanted to send people home from the party with my dad's Famous Hot Sauce. It is absolutely delicious and a highly valued commodity among our friends and family!

This is the first time for me to make it, so I was a little nervous, but dad gave me a pep talk this A.M. and walked me through the recipe again. Sadly, I can not share the recipe with you as it is truly a family secret and prized possession. I did want to share some pictures of the beautiful ingredients and some shots of the jars.....opinions?

I still have to add the label and figure out exactly what I want to do for that.......but, the hard part is over. I found some pretty quilted Ball Jars and used some old fabric and straw tied at the top to finish it. I of course had to do a taste test and while it's certainly not as good as the real thing, it's pretty good. Luckily, my guests won't know the difference.

I'm leaving the rest of the cooking until later in the week, so next up will be decorations. I found beautiful saturated colors of tissue paper.....now I will need to get busy making zillions of paper poufs to string and hang from the trees.


angela mayhoe said...

I'm so excited for your party. The hot sauce looks great and I love the texture on the jars. Can't wait to see the end results...can I come? ;-)

... said...

Wow! Sounds like quite the party. Any chance of a hot sauce giveaway in the future? ;)

stephanie duncan said...

you know....i was thinking the same thing! ill do a giveaway next week when i post all the pictures from the party. thanks for the suggestion!! and for visiting the blog! i love a merry mishap!

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