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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is it weird that I'm jealous of a 16 year old girl?

Months ago, when I first saw Ann He's photos (and posted about them here), I was blown away! I just could not imagine a Dallas teenager being on the other side of the camera taking those images? Obviously she must have been using a camera since the day she could hold something, right?

Wrong! After reading her amazing story on her somewhat new blog, I have learned that she is not some artistic wunderkind, but a normal anxiety ridden teen girl that discovered her passion just five short years ago. UNBELIEVABLE! Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, but a beautiful writer. Her video is genuinely moving and her words truly inspiring! She is obviously wise beyond her years!

It is kind of making me feel embarrassed for my 16 year old self! I have to admit that I did not deal with my insecurities as well as Ann. I am certain I lacked the confidence to put myself out there, let alone go after what I really wanted. I was far too worried about what everyone else wanted, and thought of me. I'm not entirely sure that I have successfully rid myself of those fears yet, but this blog is a step in the right direction!

"Don't be afraid to follow your dreams and passions, even if you don't have a clear cut path in front of you." says the sixteen year old girl. The thirty one year old chokes back tears, feeling encouraged. It's true, it happened.

Please check out the video on her blog, take a minute to visit her facebook page, and vote for her to win the Seventeen Magazine Cover Competition. I can't imagine there being a better example for little girls to be reading about then her!

all images: Ann He


Ann He said...

this was so touching to read--thanks for writing and posting! everything you do, do for yourself, regardless of what misgivings you may have about how others will judge you. It's the only way to live truly and fully =] I know it's hard and I still often struggle with such feelings, but keep fighting and staying positive <3

Joanna K. said...

really lovely post!!

Meg said...

oh wow - she is so talented. I love seeing young people who know what they want and go for it. It's nice to see people proving the age-old 'you're too young' thing wrong

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