Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If I was about to be a blushing bride, this would be my dream store! The shop is full of the loveliest things I have seen in a while, and since it is wedding season.......why not pretend?

I am usually not a fan of all the swooning over wedding stuff that happens daily online. I love weddings and I loved my wedding, but I tend to feel like things get a little too crazy when it comes to the planning. A continuation of the obsessing, long after your dream wedding comes and goes, seems silly to me. (Most of the time)


Today, I have been shopping for my dreamy imaginary wedding. Clearly, I am having a hard time deciding between a ceremony on the beach and a romantic formal celebration. Either way, BHLDN absolutely has the most beautiful and special dresses, and incredibly charming decor! They even seem to have covered the dreaded bridesmaid ensemble with such style, offering endless options and combinations!

With all of that said......I'm also gonna admit that I totally plan for us to renew our vows at the ten year mark. (less then three years away, eek!) Dorky, right? Well, for some reason it feels important to me. I think it has to do with all the growing we have done, all the change that has happened. Considering how casual people can be about marriage and divorce these days, a successful decade together justifies a celebration!

Personally, I could care less about a bigger diamond! Give me a gorgeous new dress every ten years and I would be smitten! Plus, Carson would have the most amazing selection of gowns to choose from for her own wedding day. Seems like a great plan to me?!!

all images: BHLDN


Anonymous said...

that lace cape WILL be mine.
i dont's happening.

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