Brutal Honesty

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


You can feel like your in a funk, for no good reason.

That's where I have been for the last week.

Here are my reasons why:
  • I haven't run in a while.
  • It's hot (my reason for not running)
  • I shut two of my fingers in my own window, while driving (how, you ask....still trying to figure it out myself?)
  • Every towel in my house matter how many times I wash it, no matter how hot the water.
  • My cell phone has all but stopped working.
  • My favorite camera lens is broken and it cost more to fix it then to replace it.
  • I just shipped all my favorite clothes to LA, to travel on to a fabulous trip to Paris and then on to Cannes without me......I love you Lexi!
  • My husband seems to be working 100 hours a week, regularly.
  • I am not pregnant this month, AGAIN!
I know, I'm having a bit of a pity party. But sometimes, it's just necessary.

The good news.......I'm totally over it!

Here are my reasons why:
  • Purchased all new towels and bagged the old ones to donate.
  • Used said new (laundered) and wonderful smelling towels after a hot shower, followed by lots of lavender lotion.
  • Mr. Duncan arrived home at 7:00 PM with goodies in hand (a bottle of pinot and a six pack of Oregon beer)
  • We enjoyed a family dinner and bedtime reading with the little.
  • Put Flaming Lips, Yoshimi on the record player (thank you Nick!)
  • Reflected on the 4 mile Fathers Day hike we took to some waterfalls last Sunday.
  • Brainstormed for our upcoming weekend in the mountains with dear friends (get ready Lufts and Richters!)
  • Planned a fall trip to Chicago (get ready for us B)
  • Consumed previously mentioned wine and beer.
  • Relaxed out in the field with a hundred fireflies and an occasional breeze.
I hate feeling like I'm in a rut! Especially when there are so many things to celebrate and be thankful for.

The moral of my story is this...........

Some days you feel good, and some days you don't. The most important thing is knowing how to fix it.

My fix it, is my Cuyler.

Thanks for making it all better!

image: via ragio di luce


Ashley said...

I am totally in a rut, but am looking forward to the fun weekend ahead. Thanks for coordinating!!

Beth said...

Although I am so sorry you have been bummed out, I am thrilled to hear that you guys are still thinking about coming to Chicago sometime this year. That makes me very happy! Have fun camping!

Anonymous said...

I love you Steph.
Thank you for everything.
As always you are a constant source of inspiration and I love when we get to delight in our imagination...especially together.
Massive love.

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