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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is my very first designer handbag folks, a Coach cross-body bag circa 1989.

I was insanely proud of it when I got it. Of course I haven't carried it forever, but I have never been able to let it go. I got it for Christmas in middle school, and I seriously freaked out! I guess I haven't had the heart to give it away and Coach leather really seems to hold up, so it looks almost as good as the Christmas morning I opened the box.

Fast forward a hundred years and here I am still holding on to it, never carrying it. Somehow I got this idea about painting old handbags to freshen them up. I think I am being influenced by all the neon and neutrals stuff out there.

Off to the craft store I went. In the end I chickened out on the fluorescent colors I had in my mind. Gold seemed like a much safer choice, plus it will go with so much more. I love gold! I already owned the stencils and they ended up being the perfect size, I wanted something big.

I am super excited about how it turned out! I think it will look amazing with chunky sweaters and boots and fits just what I need running in and out of Carson's school and the grocery and such.

If you don't have an old bag that will work, check out Ebay. I'm sure there are tons of great old leather bags, I found a bunch of old Coach ones that would work great (here, here, and here) I plan on finding just the right little purse for my Carson and adding her initials, she will love it. Maybe I will save it for Christmas.

What do you think? Easy and cheap project, let me know if you try it out.

all supplies: Hobby Lobby, (go with paint pens, makes it super easy and fast drying)


Siddy Says said...

Hiya Steph!
Great way to Jazz up an old beauty :) I do love Coach... there always so wearable (and comparatively affordable!!)

angela mayhoe said...

What a clever idea! Love Love Love it!!

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