Friday, September 23, 2011


While on my lonely couch I lie,
I seldom feel myself alone,
For fancy fills my dreaming eye
With scenes and pleasures of its own.

Then I may cherish at my breast
An infant's form beloved and fair,
May smile and soothe it into rest
With all a Mother's fondest care.

How sweet to feel its helpless form
Depending thus on me alone!
And while I hold it safe and warm
What bliss to think it is my own!

And glances then may meet my eyes
That daylight never showed to me;
What raptures in my bosom rise,
Those earnest looks of love to see,

To feel my hand so kindly prest,
To know myself beloved at last,
To think my heart has found a rest,
My life of solitude is past!

But then to wake and find it flown,
The dream of happiness destroyed,
To find myself unloved, alone,
What tongue can speak the dreary void?

A heart whence warm affections flow,
Creator, thou hast given to me,
And am I only thus to know
How sweet the joys of love would be?

Anne Bronte
BRONTE SISTERS, selected poems

Occasionally, I struggle. Everyone does, right?

In my life, I have one complaint.........I really want another baby!

Lately, my self-help is poetry books from the local library. Infertility seems to be all that I talk about these days.

I have far too much to be thankful for to be sad for long, but every once in a while I have a moment of weakness and feel sorry for myself.

I'm so happy I have this blog to keep me distracted! Thank you so much for following along sweet readers! It really helps!

Have a great weekend friends!


Beth C said...

Thinking about you. Stay strong- allow yourself to feel sadness when you need to; there is nothing wrong with that. Let the joy and happiness in your life comfort you and bring you back. Love and miss you :)

Lisa said...

feeling sad or sorry for yourself is not a weakness. you are allowed to want more. (who said 'the most dangerous thing to want is more', oscar wilde maybe?) i think we often tell ourselves that it's not ok to feel deprived of something when we have an abundance of something else, but that's not the point.

that poem is beautifully heartbreaking, btw.

i hope your dreams come true because you are an amazing mom and all babies should be so lucky as to have someone like you taking care of them.

stephanie duncan said...

Thank you to my amazing friends and family! I am so lucky to have such support and encouragement!

Aimee said...

Just came across this poem on your blog- beautiful, yet heart-wrenching words. As for your own sorrow you expressed, know that there is a plan for you and your family. Just over the last few months, several friends who have been waiting oh so patiently for a second child have finally found out they were pregnant! While the heartache of wating was tough to watch them struggle with (some for over 5 years), the joy of their recent successes is so much sweeter! May your heart be filled with gladness while you await your perfect day.

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