Our First Fall Garden

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last weekend Carson and I planted our first Fall garden and we are VERY excited about it!

When I planted a small container garden in the Spring I was a little hesitant to expect too much. My first attempt in Dallas did not work out so well and I didn't want to be disappointed. Not only did everything grow through the Summer, but my little garden is still producing. Tonight I made black bean and banana pepper quesadillas, yum!

So, obviously the next step is planting some fall crops. Since my tomatoes and peppers are still taking up all the room in my planter, I needed a some more space. Randomly while cruising the aisles at Home Depot this weekend, I discovered this great cedar bed kit for 35.00. Amazing, right?

I could not believe that it was so affordable! I wanted to be sure to buy untreated wood, so there wasn't any concern about chemicals leaching in to my home-grown goodness. The kit is super easy to put together and you can build them tall or make them bigger by adding additional sets. The total bill came in just under a $100.00. Here's a list of necessary supplies, all available at your local Depot:

Shopping List:

Cedar raised bed garden kit
3 bags of organic soil
1 bag of mushroom compost
1 bottle of fish emulsion, for fertilizing
a stack of newspapers
4 pack of broccoli
4 pack of brussel sprouts
4 pack of cauliflower
4 pack of butter lettuce
4 pack of iceberg lettuce
4 pack of red leaf lettuce
4 pack of green swiss chard
4 pack of rainbow swiss chard
2 4 packs of romaine lettuce

I was a little worried about little animals eating our plants, since they are so accessible. So far, so good. I hadn't considered this, but it is actually perfect that Carson can water so easily and will be able to pick things herself.

Anyone else planting this season? Tips for growing greens? I will keep you updated with progress.


Siddy Says said...

Check out your gorgeous little gardening helper :)) girls are so much fun aren't they!! Hope you had a lovely lovely weekend

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