El Cosmico Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So, the lovely Lexi posted a link to this on her Facebook last night and I am blown away!

I have been dying to go to Marfa for years! Ever since I read about the Prada Instillation ages ago, it has been on my radar.

This is a combination of the amazing place that Marfa is (art, music, architecture) and live music for multiple nights. Sounds amazing to me!

Dance in a wide open field?

Sleep under the stars?

Eat, Drink?

Yes, yes, yes......Please!

Guess it's too late to plan a quick trip to West Texas, but maybe next year? Take a look for yourself, it is truly magical!

images: El Cosmico and Happenstance


Siddy Says said...

Hiya Steph!!
It's so interesting to discover more about you and your interests as a person following your blog :) from a mom to a fashion admirer to an art/music/beautiful things lover wowie... you're keeping up with a lot of things...

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