Alexa Chung

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kind of obsessed with Alexa Chung, but then again, who isn't?

Her Aesthetic:
  • Sweet and feminine wardrobe
  • Rocker tees and vintage pieces mixed in
  • Funky and edgy style
  • Appropriate and rebellious at the same time
  • Red lips
  • Black liquid lined lids
  • Chopped messy hair with bangs
  • Random cross-body purses
  • 'I don't give a sh**' attitude
So, I have some newly purchased red lip stain and some liquid liner I keep for weddings and special events. Now I just need her legs, and I have been working hard on that in the gym! I'm tired of looking like a mom, time to shake things up a bit. Alexa will be my inspiration. Stay tuned for some pics of my best impersonation.

Want to see more of the fashion that I love? Check out my Tumblr, Her Majesty's. I have been working hard to keep it fresh daily.

Also, check out the Alexa Chung collection at Madewell.......amazing, of course.

all images: iwanttobealexachung and fyalexachung


Siddy Says said...

Hiya Steph!

I love Alexa Chung's quirky yet on the spot taste... I love the fact that she is almost the girl next door but manages to stay beautiful intact in the world of glamour and that she's practically a style icon!

Basically :)) I couldn't agree more. The girl deserves a post!


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